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Fractures & Injuries

  • Also known as a Strawberry, Road Rash, Turf Burn,

  • Aabrasion is the scraping off of the first or second layer of skin.

How You Get a Abrasion.

You can get an Abrasion many ways. For example you are riding your bike and you hit a rock and fall off your bike, and your knee scrapes against the pavement you got an abrasion. Another example is you are Playing in a basketball game and you are guarding and get pushed and skin your elbow on the court that is another example of an Abrasion.

How To Treat an Abrasion.
  1. Clean the Abrasion with soap and water or Antiseptic.
  2. Cover the Abrasion with Antibiotic ointment and a dry dressing.
  3. If the Abrasion should become infected you should see a doctor for proper treatment.
  4. Just keep cleaning the wound but not scrubbing it to prevent infection.


What is a Laceration?
  • A Laceration is a jagged cut usually a result of compression.

How To Get a Laceration.
  • Many time people get a laceration on there Eyebrow, Cheek bone and chin those are the places where there is more pressure.
  • Example: You are playing baseball and you accidentally step in front of your team mate who is playing with a bat. The bat hits you on your eyebrow, the pressure splits the skin open unevenly causing a Laceration.

How To Treat a Laceration.
  1. Control the bleeding, apply pressure on the Laceration for about 15 minutes.
  2. If bleeding does not stop call 911
  3. Once the Laceration has stopped bleeding, wash it with soap and water, if bleeding starts again apply the pressure as told in 2.
  4. If the Laceration in deep and need stitches go to the hospital, if the Laceration is small apply antibiotic ointment to the Laceration and close with butterfly Closures.
  5. Cover The Laceration with gauze.
Greenstick Fracture.
  • What Is a Greenstick Fracture?A greenstick fracture is an incomplete fracture that is similar to the break of a young tree branch. Only one side of the bone breaks causing the bone to bend.
What Causes a Greenstick Fracture.
  • A common way to get a Greenstick fracture is to fall and cause blunt force to one part of the bone cause it to break on one side and bend, this fracture usually appears in children.
Treatment For a Greenstick Fracture.
  • This fracture call for reducing the fracture by pulling the bone apart and then pushing it into place to straighten the bone out. To make sure the fracture heals the doctor will put ti into a cast immobilizing the limbs so that it will grow back. The healing time for a Greenstick fracture is very quick, they are less painful also.

Oblique Fracture.

What Is a Oblique Fracture?
  • A slanted fracture of the shaft along the bone's long axis.
Whats Causes an Oblique fracture
  • An oblique fracture is caused by a twisting force to the long axis of the bon

    e and cases fracture along shear lines.

Transverse Fracture.
What Is a Transverse Fracture?
  • A "transverse" fracture, which is broken straight across the bone, is the result of a sharp, direct blow or may be a stress fracture caused, for example, by prolonged running.

Treatment For a Transverse fracture.
  • Go see a doctor where they can cast it or surgically fix the fracture.

Compound Fracture.
What Is a Compound Fracture?
  • A fracture in which the bone is sticking through the skin. Also called an open fracture.

What Causes a Compound Fracture.
  • Open fractures are typically caused by high-energy injuries such as car crashes, falls, or sports injuries.
Treatment For Compound Fractures.
  • Require immediate surgery to clean the area of the injury. Because of the break in the skin, debris and infection can travel to the fracture location, and lead to a high rate of infection in the bone. Once an infection is established, it can be a difficult problem to solve.
  • Depending how bad your fracture is the doctor my need to surgically put screws into your bone to keep the fracture in place.

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